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NaNoWriMo Writing Prompt: Skip to the End

IMG_0454You are almost there, you NaNoWriMo-er, you. Just one more day! You will make it to that finish line. You WILL.

But you might be having trouble. You might be exhausted.

Here’s what you’re gonna do.

Write the last page of your novel. I don’t care if 48,000 words has only gotten you to the middle of your plot arc–skip to the end. Write the last paragraph, the last line. Figure out where you’re going.

Of course, a page is only about 300 words (double spaced, anyhow, which is so much easier to read, don’t you think?), so you’ll need more than that to hit your goal, so maybe write the last chapter. Or once you’ve got your last page, go back to where you were with that new goal in mind. It’s like exercising; sometimes it’s easier to go for a walk or a run when you have a destination.

But please, don’t share it this time. If I ever do get to read your novel, I don’t want any spoilers.


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