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NaNoWriMo Writing Prompt: Something Sweet


How’s it going, writer? Are the keys still clattering, the pens still scratching? I hope so. It’s pretty amazing to push through a challenge like this. There are low points, yes, but I think overall it gives you confidence. At the end, you get the runner’s high of knowing you finished a marathon. I know from experience: that feels amazing.


I want you to reward yourself today. If I could, I would give each and every one of you a piece of your favorite candy and a high five. (And if you don’t like candy, you weirdo, I guess I’d give you…um…bacon?) Obviously, I can’t do that (though if you know me personally, feel free to hold me to my word) but I can encourage you to get yourself a treat, sit down, and savor it.

After you finish today’s words, of course. If you need a little inspiration for what to write today, I want you to think about that candy waiting for you at the finish line, or maybe a less literal sweetness–maybe a sweet interaction between two of your characters, a moment that might break into even the most dismal or chaotic scene. How can you inject a little sweetness into your story?

I’m hoping this will get you to think about your characters in a different light for a moment. By now, you’re probably pretty far into your novel. Things might be getting tense. Maybe you’ve nearly reached the top of your arc and it’s all suspense and craziness. So how do you inject sweetness into a scene where people are running from a serial killer or trying to blackmail their father into leaving town or are having a mental breakdown, getting divorced, losing a bocce ball tournament, finding out they have to have their legs amputated, et cetera?

You might be surprised.

(I’ll share mine in the comments if you share yours!)


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