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The Girl Gives Thanks

punkinAlways casual, Violet declined to meet me for coffee but invited me to play blocks instead. She wore her favorite t-shirt (a cheeseburger driving a car on orange jersey) and a diaper; her hair was stylishly tousled as if she’d just awoken from a nap.

Mommy: Do you know what it means to be thankful?

Violet: Yeah.

M: Is it like things you like? You’re thankful for things you like?

V: The pumpkin patch.

M: You’re thankful for the pumpkin patch? That’s cool. What else are you thankful for? What else do you like?

V: 12345678910

M: You’re thankful for numbers?

V: Yeah. I need Elmo’s song.

M: You’re thankful for Elmo’s song? What else?

V: And Netflix.

M: Are you only thankful for TV?

V: Get Elmo’s song.

M: I’ll put on Elmo’s song when you tell me what you’re thankful for.

V: Uhhhh… Elmo’s song.

M: My goodness.

V: Now!


Unfortunately, our interview deteriorated from there–before it started, really. Maybe next year.


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