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My Talkative Two-Year-Old

IMG_20171031_080231.jpgMy daughter will be two in December. Supposedly, two-year-olds have a vocabulary of about fifty words. My daughter is an exception to that rule.

Her first word, when she was about nine months old, was “kee!” (which meant “kitty”). Her first two-word utterance (I would say “sentence” but her brother has long been in speech therapy so I tend to use that lingo) was “touch doggy”–I want to say that was about two months later. Her verbal ability is just off the charts, and I have to say, it’s pretty funny to get such a clear picture of the insides of a two-year-old’s brain.

For example, as I write this blog post, I’m typing pretty quickly. She keeps telling me, “faster!” or ordering me to stop and then go and then stop and then go. Intermittently, she puts her butt in my face and says, “I need a diaper change!” So I guess I’ll go change her diaper.

Earlier today, the TV froze up and she declared, “We need more power!”

I was peeling an orange this morning and she said, “It’s hatching!”

Did I mention she’s not even two?

I just changed her diaper and I’m back to typing, which I guess she doesn’t like because her butt is back in my face and though she clearly has not, she’s telling me, “I pooped again! I need another diaper change now!”

Failing that, she’s started reciting her ABCs.

Oh look, the cat walked by. “I need Scout,” my daughter says, climbing down from my lap, and then (noticing I’ve resumed typing), “I need you to get me a diaper change. I need you to get me, um… Mom. I need up on you.”

Me: Honey, you don’t have to pretend you need a diaper change. You can just ask me to pay attention to you.

Girl: Mommy, I need you to pay attention to me.

Me: Okay, let’s play!

A few more gems:

“I need to wear my jumper so I can jump!”

“I’m gonna ask Santa for a lollipop.”

“This is the best Christmas ever!”

She cracks me up.

1 thought on “My Talkative Two-Year-Old”

  1. I need to wear my funny pants.. This cracked me up. Your daughter is so cute. Thanks for sharing the funny moments of your bundle of joy with us.. It brings us all joy!!

    Liked by 1 person

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