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33 for 33: Bad Moms

badmomsOn Saturday, my mommy pals and I went to see A Bad Moms Christmas.

It was hilarious. I mean, in so many ways it was a terrible movie, but I laughed harder and longer than I have in a looooong time. It’s got a killer cast and it’s unapologetically raunchy.

But you know what made me laugh even more? My friends. We went to a Mexican restaurant afterward (that’s the million dollar margarita I’ve got there–muy delicioso) and boy are my lady friends hilarious. And I realized that, though I’ve known these two ladies for about four years and we’ve hung out on many occasions, with and without kids, we’d never had a dinner and movie evening like this, never really had drinks together, never gotten super silly and crazy and uninhibited. We spent a good part of the evening talking about baby oil, for goodness’ sake (“If you slide the right way, it’s really good,” said my friend, “but if you slide the wrong way, it’s gonna be okay.” This elicited about ten minutes of riotous laughter).

(Let me address my friend here: I told you I was going to quote you!)

I felt so incredibly lucky to get to spend time with these women. I have not had a lot of female friends in my life–not a lot of friends, period–and having friends as an adult is a whole different ball game than when you’re a kid. I feel so lucky just to have made friends as an adult (hallelujah for that Meetup mommy group!) because it seems the older you get, the harder it is to connect with anyone. And these friends are all kinds of awesome.

Here’s to more ladies’ nights, more raunchy comedies, more margaritas–more fun. Here’s to friends!


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