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Halloween Photos

I can’t believe I waited a whole week to post these! We had a lot of fun on Halloween this year: it was both kids’ first time trick-or-treating and they had a BLAST. I was really scared that Sam would back out like he did last year, but I got him to agree to go if we went out before dark. Consequently, we were the only kids on the street for at least half an hour, but that also meant people had plenty of candy and were eager to hand it out (if they were home from work… which not everyone was). There was only one really scary house (life-size singing witches!) and though he was afraid, Sam has been thrilled to talk about it with everyone he meets.

Anyhow. Look at my kids!

Gidget, from The Secret Life of Pets. (If you’re worried she was cold with no sleeves, don’t be–I wore the same fur and it was SO WARM.)
Pops, from The Secret Life of Pets (though we nixed the wheels because they made it hard to walk).
I was Gidget’s mom. Not a character from the movie–but come on, every puppy has a mom.
If you wondered where my kids got the ham gene…
First house (I think)! And then Daddy stopped taking pictures.



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