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Have the Greatest Halloween Weekend Ever!


Halloween is on Tuesday.

Of course, that means that a lot of the revelry will be happening this weekend, when people don’t have to get up and go to an eight a.m. meeting the next day. Because most of us can’t do this on a Tuesday night:

Of course, I can’t do it any night of the week. Well, I could if the babysitter wasn’t doing anything and I drank about six buckets of coffee beforehand and maybe had a disco nap. But I don’t look good as a sexy crayon.

My Halloween weekend will most likely be more like this:

Which is also fun, and my kids will love it. Well, maybe. The boy might be afraid. He’s making progress but Halloween still isn’t his favorite holiday. He’d rather be in Christmas Town. Though maybe without Jack Skellington in attendance…

His sister, however, is a Halloween maniac (as much as one can be before the age of two). She especially loves jack-o-lanterns and dancing skeletons. She’d probably love this classic cartoon:

Anyway. I hope your weekend is thrilling.


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