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Everyday Life in Black and White

applesbwThere’s a challenge going around Facebook right now where people post black and white photos of their lives for seven days. The rules: no people, no explanations, and you’re supposed to challenge someone new every day.

Well, no one has challenged me. It’s a lot like being at the Snowflake Dance in seventh grade, which I attended by myself (technically I went with a couple girlfriends but they quickly abandoned me to do the Tootsie Roll in a throng of smelly boys), wearing my green velvet dress and matching Converse All-Stars (always one for a fashion statement), hoping to be asked to dance.

Well, no one did ask me to dance that night, but you know what I did? I made my way to the empty space at the back of the cafetorium and I conjured up my imaginary boyfriend, Matt, who was an excellent ballroom dancer and waltzed with me to such songs as “I Can Love You Like That” and “Barbie Girl.” Call me pathetic, but I kind of had a blast that night. So much so that one of the chaperones actually photographed me dancing, found me in school the next week and gave me the photo, telling me how cool she thought I was and how glad she was that I’d had fun at the dance.

So okay, Facebook friends. You don’t want to challenge me? I’ll challenge myself. I might even go put on my green velvet dress (yes, I still have it, though it’s a little tighter than it was) and see if I can talk Matt into one more dance.

Or I’ll post the black and white photos I’ve been taking on my blog. Either way.

So: No people, no explanation, and I challenge ALL OF YOU! Post them here in the comments, post them on Facebook, but take some photos! It’s fun and I swear it gives you a better, more beautiful perspective on the world.




2 thoughts on “Everyday Life in Black and White”

  1. Oh, 7th grade dances…what (kind of horrible) memories! And I’m with you on the chucks-with-dresses fashion statement! I used to do that, too. Have you noticed it’s hip now? Almost all the girls in my hometown are wearing them in their “hoco” pictures! What trendsetters we were!


  2. I love it! I see so many things in stores that were cool when I was young. I even saw tiny backpacks recently, though maybe not as tiny as when I was in middle school.


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