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Bringing Brooches Back

Audrey-audrey-hepburn-1360102-782-1000I’m going to go ahead and say (without much real knowledge of the fashion world at all) that brooches are coming back. Maybe they are back and I’m just out of the loop. They’re selling them at Banana Republic and they’re all over Etsy. They seem to me like the perfect accessory, especially with the popularity of clothing lines like Modcloth that deal in a more vintage aesthetic. While necklaces fall into necklines or get hidden by scarves, brooches stay firmly pinned in place. 


They’re eye catchers. They’re conversation starters.

Annex - Bergman, Ingrid_04
This is a buttonhole but it has the same effect.

And yes, I am trying to sell you something. You guessed it! Brooches.

But they’re not listed on Etsy yet, which is probably a tactical error on my part. Or maybe it’s brilliant marketing: get you curious. I don’t know. I don’t have much of a brain for business. At least I don’t think I do. It could be a dormant talent–who knows?

Anyway, on my latest estate sale excursion, I found a bonanza of beautiful vintage brooches and a couple necklaces, too. I’m so excited about them because they are all items I would love to have in my own jewelry box–I never buy anything at an estate sale that I’m not willing to get stuck with  keep.

For now, I just want you to think about brooches. Even if you never go to my Etsy site. Seriously–we should make this a trend, people. And if it is a trend please let me know so I can be like, look how trendy I am!




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