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“Sister? Did you use all the pumpkin spice?”

Have you heard of Inktober? I hadn’t until a couple days ago, when some of my friends started posting drawings and hashtagging them #Inktober and I was like, what? Me too, me too! Because I’m a copycat like that. You can be, too.

Basically, you just draw one drawing a day (in ink) and post it online with the appropriate hashtags, with the goal of creating good drawing habits. So it’s like NaNoWriMo for fiction writers, which is also something I like to do, but in some ways, Inktober is way easier. Or, it is for “artists” like me whose aren’t particularly concerned with realism or perspective or any of that real artist stuff. When you go on Instagram and look it up, you will be BLOWN AWAY by the amazing art people are doing. It almost makes me embarrassed to show my work.


Anyhow, I don’t think anyone cares if you follow these prompts, but if you need ideas for drawings, here’s the official Inktober prompt list for 2017.


And here are the official rules:


So, you know. Get drawing! If I can hold my head up and call myself an artist, or at least shamelessly post my chicken scratch all over the internet as if it has any artistic merit, then you can, too. And it’s fun. And it makes you part of a larger community–which is the point of social media in the first place, right?

That, and pictures of cats doing funny things.

So draw a silly cat and you’re golden.


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