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An Ode to October by the Mistress of Rhyme

Acorn Squash.png

October, October
You wonderful month–
The leaves are all changing,
We’re ready for funth!
We’re going to make cider
And paint the town orange–
We’ll paint all our pumpkins
And then go buy morange!
We’ll bake pumpkin pies
Till we run out of cinnamon
Then run round in circles
Cuz we want to stay thinnamon!
It’s time for leaf raking,
Football, The Great Pumpkin,
For Lucy to trick Charlie brown,
The poor lumpkin!
We’ll tell spooky stories
And dance to the Time Warp
While gorging on candy
And maybe some nice GORP
(That’s Good Old Raisins and Peanuts)
So welcome, October,
the best of the best,
Your spices, your colors,
Your fabulous -fest.
We’re glad that you’re with us,
We’re glad that you’re ours,
We’re glad we have money
To buy more Mars bars!


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