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How to Make a Drinking Straw Fairy Wand


What does your little one want to be for Halloween?

I just listed this adorable fairy costume on Etsy, inspired by some prints my daughter has in her room of various flower fairies. I just thought that the shape of daisy petals lent itself to making wings, and it really does. See?


So I took some wire and some plastic and tulle and fabric and yarn and ribbon and made some wings.

But that’s a lot of materials and you might not want to go through the trouble considering how easily you can buy a pair of wings. But you know what I’ve noticed is missing from a lot of fairy costumes?

A wand.


I mean, if you want to get geeky (and I’m all for that), there are various depictions of fairies (faeries) with and without wands and so if you look into the folklore–

But I’m just thinking of the kid who’ll wear the costume. The kid who would have a lot of fun with a wand.

So I made sure this costume came with a wand included, and I just happened to have that little bunch of plastic daisies that’s sprouting from the top, and I thought–YES. I had the perfect way to make it.

I went and grabbed a drinking straw.

When you make your fairy wand, you might want a burst of flowers at the top or a star or just a spray of ribbons–that’s up to you. I’ll show you a couple of options here: a flower wand and a glitter wand. (Forgive the poor quality of these photos–it was a gray day and I was crafting and photographing all on my own. FYI I’m not left handed–I just need my right hand for the camera!)

Flower Wand

You’ll Need:


One smoothie-sized drinking straw of your preferred color (skinny straws will work, too, but you’ll have to adjust how much stuff goes into the end–just don’t use a bendy straw!), though we’ll be covering it in ribbon so it’s not super important.
A roll of ribbon (don’t be stingy with the ribbon–you might not use the whole roll, but for the best effect, you might need to.)
A small bunch of small silk or plastic flowers


The flowers will come bunched together like this from the store. Leave them that way. Dab some glue on the base of their stems and insert the bouquet into the straw.


Now dab some glue on the straw right below the flowers and tie one end of your ribbon around the straw and over the glue.


Now wrap the ribbon tightly around the straw, all the way to the bottom.


Another dab of glue here at the bottom of the straw, then wrap that ribbon back up to the base of the bouquet.


Tie the ribbon to the loose end you have hanging from your first knot and cut the ribbon.


You could stop here, or you could tie a few more lengths of ribbon at the base of the bouquet so your kiddo has something to swish around.


Glitter Wand

You’ll Need:

A straw
A small or medium styrofoam crafting ball
Ribbon (preferably translucent)
Glitter Glue


Shove the straw into the styrofoam ball (no glue required).


Douse the styrofoam ball in glitter glue.


Really. Douse it. Take that fussy orange cap off if you need to and glob it on. Spread the glue over the ball with your finger. Be generous. This is not a craft for fusspots. And if you think you can use a paintbrush to avoid getting glitter on your fingers, you’ll be disappointed in the next couple of steps.


Make sure some glue gets on the straw so you can stick the ribbon on. I tied a knot at the top, too, but instead of letting the tail stick out like I did on the flower wand, I tucked it under the ribbon as I wrapped.

Wrap the ribbon around the straw like you did for the flower straw, but instead of tying it down at the top, douse that end in glue. While you’re at it, douse the rest of the ribbon in glue, too, except maybe the bottom inch or so. Really glitter it up. (I told you you’re going to get glittery).


Leave to dry in a drinking glass over a towel, in case of drips. (You put a lot of glue on that ball–it might drip a little but that’s okay it will just make it look more mystical and magical.)

It will take several hours to dry, and then–

Abra Cadabra!


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