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Writing Exercise: The Last Song You Heard

What was the last song you heard? For me, it was this lovely piece from the Frozen Soundtrack, which makes me think of snow and, though it has nothing to do with the movie, vikings loading a ship, chanting as they work.

Anyway, think of the last song you heard. Let it inspire you. Five minutes. Go.


The crew moved so quickly I didn’t know where to look; ropes here, boxes there, moving, moving, moving. I stuffed myself into a corner in the hold where no one would find me. Men stacked barrels without noticing me, the space filling until I had no choice but to reveal myself or be penned into my corner until the ship unloaded, who knew how many months later. I didn’t know where it was going or why. I just wanted out.

The last barrels were nearly in place when I slipped past them, running faster than I’ve ever run, nearly knocking a man three times my size on his backside. I didn’t stop to see his face for I didn’t want him to see mine. There had to be some cubby, some notch in the paneling where I could conceal myself without being trapped. They couldn’t fill every inch of space with their rations; people had to move. Or I thought they did. The boat kept filling and filling and I slunk from place to place, until the only spot available was under a bunk in the dormitory, and even then someone shoved a pile of dusty blankets in front of me. I didn’t mind. I would need all the warmth I could get on this voyage.

Share yours in the comments and be sure to name your song!


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