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The Best Decision I Ever Made


When the girl was born, I had a lot of decisions to make. Which hospital to choose, whether to use medication, feeding plans. But do you want to know what the best decision I made was? Maybe ever, in my whole life?

I brought my own nightgown to the hospital. I wore it instead of the uncomfortable hospital gown throughout my labor. I was wearing it when she was born.

It’s just a simple nightgown. Super soft but nothing special–I think I got it at Walmart for nine bucks. I brought something cheap in case it got ruined in the laboring process, and I chose a black one in case of, well, staining. But nothing befell  my nightie; it’s as good as new. I wear it a lot. And every time I wear it, I tell the girl: “I was wearing this when you were born!” And I get to think about that newborn baby snuggling into me, squirming and crying and needing her mommy. It’s the most special item I own. I’m going to keep it until it’s worn down to a rag, and then I’ll use it to clean the bathroom, and I’ll still remember I was wearing it the day my last baby was born.


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