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Writing Exercise: Fan Fiction


What’s your favorite movie? What’s your most-watched movie? Are they the same? Who’s your favorite character? Could you write from their perspective?

Good. Because you’re going to. Five minutes: Go.


The goblins were drunk again. Jareth liked them that way–little pudgy things bumbling and stumbling around the throne room, jibbering in the native tongue he’d never bothered to learn. When they appointed him king, they learned his language, slipping back into the gobbledegook only after soaking themselves in liquor. It seemed to be a weakness of the species; then again, these were the courtiers, half of them hobbled to prevent their escape. What else could they do but eat and drink? Great barrels of wine and ale stood in every corner, the tables constantly laden, and all for the goblins–Jareth ate little and drank even less–their payment, since they had no use for money. They were here for the king’s entertainment. They fawned over him. And then they drank all his spirits and got into fights about whose chickens were whose and whether they should eat them now or after they were cooked.


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