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Violet’s Top Ten Bedtime Books, in No Particular Order

everyone poops
A classic

The girl is a huge fan of story time. She’ll tell me she’s ready for bed at six o’clock and then expect me to read stories until eight. It’s a problem, really, but I love how much she loves her books. There is a huge stack of books by her bed (or on her floor–it’s always tumbling down) but these are her most-requested of late. Ignore the fact that none of the protagonists are female (though I would argue Little Critter is gender neutral–in my mind, anyway–and we only know Small Bear is a boy because he morphs into Brother Bear when Sister Bear is born)–though it does annoy me, that’s not what this post is about. I just wanted to share our bedtime reading list and to ask you, what books do your kids love?

big honey hunt
An oldie but a goodie
A classic-er classic
My favorite
Because trucks are everything
She especially likes the jack-o-lantern
Johnny is my soulmate
all by myself
Because independence is important

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