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6 Moms Share Their Magical Morning Routines*


Gloria from Pittsburgh (age 46):

“I wake up each day at five-thirty and go to the garage to scream into a pillow. My kids wake up around six, and I figure the more I’ve screamed before they wake up, the fewer screams I’ll have left inside me, so I won’t scream at them. Especially when I blow out my voice and can only whisper. Sometimes, my screams will trigger my tinnitus and and my ears ring so loudly I can’t hear the kids whining about oatmeal or having ‘nothing to wear.’ It makes the whole breakfast/getting to school ritual a lot smoother.”

Alexandra from Encinitas (age 29):

“I tell my husband I’m going running and then hit the doughnut store while he changes the baby’s diaper and gives her a bottle. By the time I’m back, she’s already dressed and playing with her toys, and I have the energy to deal with her, thanks to one cruller, one chocolate with sprinkles, and two cups of coffee.”

Quin from Post Falls (age 24):

“A little tea, a little yoga, and one magic brownie for breakfast.”

Maria from Austin (age 40):

“We begin each day with feats of strength: moving the furniture, lifting weights, lifting each other. Even my five-year-old gets involved. He can lift our shih tsu over his head and do five presses. It’s a great way to make fitness fun, and it reminds them each day that Mommy is strong enough to lift a bookcase full of books without sweating. You don’t mess with someone who can do that.”

Janelle from Des Moines (age 31):

“There’s a little brook that burbles through our backyard. Each morning after breakfast we place out hands in the water and commune with the lifeblood of our planet. We say a short prayer of gratitude before plunging our hands into the rich soil, where we find beautiful, wriggling worms which we later sell at the local bait and tackle shop.”

Kelly from New York (age 37):

“I begin each day with a scented bubble bath and an egg white omelet with spinach; when I’m done, the children are waiting by the front door in their uniforms, ready for their hugs and kisses before Stefan takes them to school.”



*These women and their stories are purely fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead would be really cool or cause for concern, depending on the blurb in question. Also, coincidental. It would be coincidental.


Reading & Writing



April is National Poetry Month, which means–well, nothing, really, to most of the world, but to me it means for one month a year I actually read a little poetry and thanks to my former grad school classmates, I try to write some, too. I don’t remember why–something in response to NaNoWriMo, based on the name–they decided that in April they would write a poem every day and thus designated it WriPoEvDa. Super genius, huh? Well. It’s a good idea, anyhow. And it comes at a particularly fortuitous time for me as I have recently hit a wall with my fiction. It gives me a writing assignment. Plus, working that poetical side of my brain often helps get the blood flowing in the prosaic side, too. And things work best when they’re both working at once. Like CrossFit, maybe. For your brain.

So: planning on writing a poem every day this month. Who’s with me?