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The Secret of Parenting is Elmo


There are three things my daughter needs to fall asleep at night: some milk, some lullabies, and Elmo. When I want to work on the computer and she’s awake (like right now) I open my browser on one side of the screen; on the other side, I play a collection of Elmo’s songs on YouTube. When I want to get her into the car seat and she’s not into it, I sing “La La La La! La La La La! Elmo’s song!” (or Violet’s song, or Josie’s song, or puppy’s song–she calls out a name and I sub it in). This song actually has a calming effect in any situation, as does Adam Sandler’s “Song About Elmo,” which is also a favorite of the boy’s, since he likes to supply the rhyming words. He also likes to quack along with “Elmo’s Ducks.”

Elmo is a fairly recent discovery in our house. The boy never really got into him until the girl did, but still, when he was a baby and would cry in the car, I’d do an Elmo-esque voice and darned if it didn’t calm him down. Something about that high pitch seems to resonate in little ears and little hearts.

Maybe you think he’s annoying. Maybe you think he’s over-merchandised. Whatever. He’s baby tranquilizer, but chemical-free! Totally safe! 100% legal!


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