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The Potty Book (Number One)


About a year ago, I wrote a potty book for Sam. We’re still struggling to get him out of Pull-Ups (for several reasons, including low muscle tone, hypo-sensitivity, and stubbornness) but this did help get him a little more excited, so I thought I would share it in case you might find it helpful, too. It’s a little more specific than a lot of potty books we found at the store, and obviously it’s specific to Sam’s life. I’m in the process of writing a new one, with updated info, more details about the potty-going process, and written in the first person. If you’ve ever heard of “social stories,” a helpful tool in communicating with kids on the ASD spectrum, it will be kind of like that, but illustrated. When this book was new, Sam would quote it to me around potty time, so I’m hoping that a newer, more specific book will have a similar or greater effect (especially now that he’s so much closer to being trained.) It’s been such a struggle to train him, but he loves books so much–our printed copy of this has almost disintegrated from use. Here’s hoping the next one is just as


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