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Screw My Resolution (Not to Make Resolutions)


I tried to do it. I tried to be zen. I tried to be realistic. I tried not to go with a mantra rather than a resolution. But apparently, that doesn’t work for me. My life doesn’t provide me enough external structure to help me pull out of my post-holiday rut so I have to provide it for myself. I don’t have a job. I don’t have a boss. So screw all that zen, self-affirming stuff. I need something more specific.

So. I resolve to:

  • Keep up with this blog, creating consistent and entertaining content so that it might gain a following.
  • Keep up with my Etsy store, figuring out how to make it into a real business.
  • Work on my novel at least five hours a week.
  • Start running again, building up my resistance so that I can run at least one 5k and possibly a 10k by the end of the year.
  • Get my kids involved in educational activities with other children, including music classes and sports.
  • Increase the boy’s therapy time for various delays, finding the right therapists for him.
  • Keep better track of my finances so such things won’t break the bank.
  • Organize and schedule my housekeeping efforts and get the boy more involved in chores.
  • Freshen up my French skills.
  • Organize a daily art project for the kids. (And yes, coloring counts–just not every day.)
  • Learn at least three more chords on my guitar.
  • Try to get the boy interested in yoga.
  • Eat salad as often as possible.

And if you think that’s a long list, you should read the one scrolling through my head.


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