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Sunday Sweetness: The Better Parts of a Week in Review


At Costco, a woman offered me her place in line because I had the baby strapped to my chest, and babies notoriously don’t like waiting in line. The baby was in a fine mood, so I declined, but the offer brightened my whole morning.

The girl ran around for the better part of an hour shouting, “BALL!” in the wild and crazy baby bacchanalia that we weekday morning parents know as an indoor playground (i.e. toys scattered around a gym). She had a blast, which led to a lovely nap.

When I asked for whipped cream on my nonfat peppermint mocha, the barista wrote WC! on the cup, and maybe the exclamation point is standard at Starbucks, but it made the prospect of whipped cream just that much more exciting.

The boy rediscovered Llama Llama, Holiday Drama and has insisted on acting out a particular passage–“Llama Llama, warm and snug, gives a kiss and gets a hug, snuggles close with Mama Llama…”–and, naturally, my heart melts a little each time.

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