Friends & Family

I’m Thankful for Small Acts of Kindness and Love


It’s been a stressful week, huh? Maybe not for everyone, but definitely for me and many of my friends and acquaintances, and for many more people whom I’ve never met. I can feel the fear pulsing through the news and social media, thumping louder and faster as the hatred (and its callus dismissal by so many who would have the fearful simply shut up) that has been stirred up in this country flows in the whirlpool created by the campaign and victory that stirred the pot. My heart wants to jump from my body and touch those other hearts that are hurting, but it’s held back–not only by my rib cage, but by my own fear of what to say. So I won’t say much. I will act. I will be kind to those who need kindness. I will love those in need of love. I will listen. I will think. I will teach kindness to my children. I will light a candle in our household, and I will not let anyone snuff it out.




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