Goals & Challenges

Treat Yo Self

Two of my favorite members of the Parks & Rec crew. Oh, how I miss that show. The whole series is up on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it, WATCH IT. If you have seen it, WATCH IT AGAIN.

When I started losing weight at the beginning of the year, I made a list of rewards I would give myself as I passed each milestone. That list was in my phone, and I would post it here, but my husband worked his geeky magic to make my phone run faster and somehow, the list was lost in the process.

I believe it went something like this:

After the first ten pounds, I’d treat myself to a trip to the salon. My hair was half blonde, half brown, and starting to look 100% terrible. BUT, well, I didn’t really want to dye it and then have to keep up with the new color, and the brown part was too short to just chop off the blonde, so I skipped this one. And when the brown grew out enough that I was willing to chop it, I just did it myself. I’ve been cutting my own hair for over ten years. It saves money. And it’s kind of an impulse.

So treat number one got nixed.

I think the next treat was supposed to be something like going to a movie by myself. Except, well, the baby won’t take a bottle, and she wasn’t yet eating solids when I earned this one, and so I sort of forgot about it, plus I was still so far from my ultimate goal weight that it didn’t feel like anything to celebrate.

Buh-bye treat number two.

I assigned myself treats for every ten pounds, and I’ve just about lost forty-five, so that means I skipped two more somewhere along the way. What were they? I don’t know. I truly don’t. But I do remember what’s coming up.

Once I’ve lost five more pounds, I’ve earned archery lessons. This is fortuitous timing because there is a groupon for archery lessons right now. Must take advantage of it. Must, must, must.

Fifteen pounds from now, I will have reached my “Very Good” weight, the more realistic of my end goals, which is the lightest weight I’ve ever been able to maintain for long periods of time. When I get there, I’ve earned a dress from ModCloth in my new size. Any dress. Any price. I figure the more I spend on it, the more motivated I’ll be not to grow out of it.

Twenty-five pounds from now, I’ll hit my ultimate goal. I have not reached this weight since I was on the swim team in high school. I have no idea what my adult, post-baby body will look like at this weight but I am very curious. But how does one reward such a milestone? It cannot involve food. It has to be achievable, both financially and with/in spite of the kiddos. I had two ideas on the old list, that I remember:

  1. A new tattoo.
  2. A writer’s retreat

Of course, I don’t really want a new tattoo. I kind of wish I wanted a new tattoo, mainly because that would mean I was younger, because younger me wanted lots of tattoos. Now they seem like a waste of money. So. Next.

A writer’s retreat would be wonderful, but what about the wee ones? My husband works, the girl has yet to master a bottle or accept a sippy cup, and I’ve never spent a night away from either of my children in the 3+ years I’ve been a mom.

What else?

Seriously, I need suggestions. And I don’t like massages, facials, pedicures, saunas, or spa days in general. I don’t want to sweat or be touched by strangers. I’m too sleep deprived to stay up late and I can’t be away from the baby for more than, say, four hours. How do I treat myself? Or is the weight loss alone treat enough?

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