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Things That Make My Son Cuter Than All Other Babies* (Part Two)


Sometimes, he stops playing to come up to me and place his nose on my nose.

Every time he sees the purple cat in Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? he has to stop and kiss it. Sometimes, quite enthusiastically.

He has been seen combing his hair with a fork.

He gets super excited when I steam milk with my espresso machine, because it makes a rhythmic thumping sound to which he can rock out. Sometimes, he’ll start reaching for the espresso machine just because he wants to hear a beat.

He’ll come up behind me if I’m sitting on the ground and grab my shoulders to indicate that he wants to take a ride, so I get on all fours, and he lies prone on my back like a little baby monkey while I crawl around the room.

If he finds a tissue he has to wipe my nose with it.

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