Reading & Writing

During the Evacuation

I went to AWP for the first time this year (being that it was in Seattle and I live just 20 minutes north of the convention center, I thought it would be stupid not to) and there I met some very nice gentlemen representing a very cool online lit journal called The Stoneslide Corrective. I submitted a story and have the great honor of telling you that they accepted it, and it is now live on their website! Check it out:

A little background on the idea for the story:

In 1994, I lived in a little town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains called Big Creek. One summer’s day, when some nearby powerhouse workers had neglected to clear the brush around the transformers, a squirrel got into the works, got electrocuted, and caught fire. The little fellow ran off into the brush and set the forest on fire. Hundreds of acres burned, with the fire coming right up to my family’s (and many of our neighbors’) property lines. We were evacuated. I thought I might write about that.

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